IYT Powerboat Course

IYT Powerboat (MCA)

& RIB Master
$ 895
  • MCA Approved & Internationally Recognised
  • Theory and Practical Course
  • Maximum 4 Pax
Course Content

A 3-day Theory and Practical course designed to cover the requirements to meet the *MCA’s Small Commercial Vessel Code and the requirements for issue of an ICC based on Resolution 40 from the Economic Commission for Europe Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport.

* See the MCA’s MGN 280 regarding Small Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure, Workboats and Pilot Boats.

If a candidate completes the online Small Powerboat & RIB Master eLearning course, this is a 2-day in person practical course.


  • Covers vessels up to 15m
  • Operation in coastal regions – in sight of land
  • Driven by outboard or inboard motors
  • In fair weather
  • No horsepower limitations

What you Learn

  • Essential safety at sea procedures and equipment
  • VHF radio operation and communication protocols
  • Understanding and using nautical terminology
  • Applying basic rules of the road and collision regulations
  • Types and uses of small powerboats and RIBs
  • Techniques for launching and recovering boats
  • Boat handling under power, including docking and manoeuvring
  • Knowledge of ropes, knots, and rope-work
  • Anchoring techniques and anchor types
  • Man overboard procedures and recovery
  • Advanced boat handling in various conditions