Med Skipper Training


32ft Monohull
$ 695
  • Small Monohull
  • Great for couples / small groups
  • Maximum 3 Pax


40ft Monohull
$ 795
  • Mid sized Monohull
  • Great for larger groups
  • Maximum 5 Pax


45ft Catamaran
$ 895
  • Catamaran / Large Monohull
  • Multihull training / large groups
  • Maximum 6 Pax
Course Content

To equip participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence required to successfully plan and execute a sailing trip in the Mediterranean, including mastering med-style mooring, understanding local navigation, and discovering the best cruising destinations.
or coastal waters up to 5 miles offshore.

What you Learn

  • Mediterranean weather patterns, wind systems, and forecasting.
  • Planning routes, daily passages, and identifying safe harbours.
  • Safety equipment, emergency procedures, and local regulations.
  • Chart work for specific areas
  • Lazy lines, stern-to, bow-to mooring, and docking procedures.
  • Practicing mooring techniques and handling different conditions.
  • Selecting anchorages, setting/retrieving anchors, and using secondary anchors.
  • Highlights of key Mediterranean regions.
  • Country-specific maritime regulations, customs, and immigration procedures.
  • Good practices and local customs