VHF Course


Online Theory & Practical
$ 135
  • Online Theory
  • Use of Real VHF Units
  • Maximum 6 Pax
Course Content

The IYT Marine Communications course (Very High Frequency – Short Range Certificate) is recognised by the Republic of the Marshall Islands. It is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of maritime radio communication at sea. It is intended for all marine environments and follows International standards.

Knowing how to use a maritime VHF radio correctly and with confidence is vital in the event of an emergency. This course covers the protocols that must be followed when communicating over the maritime radio network.

Maritime VHF radios can be used for receiving weather forecasts, safety information, communicating between boats, or communicating boat to shore.

The course provides VHF Radio and SRC training for the entire spectrum of VHF radio communications for recreational and professional boating. Students will learn how on board radios and handheld radios, EPIRBs, SARTs, AIS and DSC-enabled radios, are used effectively in marine communications.

We use a mix of online theory study with practical use of real functioning VHF training units to ensure you gain the most out of the course.

What you Learn

•VHF operation
• Coastguard trip reporting
• Emergency calling
• Mayday execution
• EPIRB understanding
• Flares and smoke floats