How did you start sailing?

I started sailing at the age of 5 on my Grandfathers yacht and had some amazing adventures sailing around Northern France, Solent Islands and the UK.

What do you love about teaching sailing?

Sailing seems like an unmovable mountain to some people.  It gives me great joy when they realise that with a bit of hard work and slow skill-building they can make their dream a reality!  I love making sailing accessible to anyone…

What has been some highlights on the ocean for you?

There are a couple of things that really stick out in my mind…

We got hit by extreme winds against the tide going through the Strait of Gibraltar.  This was a test of mental and physical fortitude.  I learnt a lot about myself that day!

Another time, sailing at night in Western Italy we passed the eruption of the Volcano Stromboli which was equally beautiful and terrifying in the same breath!

Now you’re here in New Zealand, what is the most surprising thing you have found?

You’ll laugh when I tell you!

Most people will say the mountains, lakes or wildlife! All of which are spectacular!

I have never seen “real” fruit ice cream, what a find!!!