Where did you learn to sail?

I learnt to sail in 2007 at Mount Pleasant Yacht Club in Christchurch. Learning to sail was the first thing I did when I moved to New Zealand from the UK.

When did you turn boating into a career?

I was hooked as soon as that sail filled and the boat started to accelerate, from then on I just did as much sailing as I could.  My passion for coaching started when my 2 daughters learnt to sail and I was a parent helper. After the Christchurch earthquakes we moved to Auckland and I volunteered at Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club – helping to train new members. From there I got my first part time coaching job at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club where I was a senior sailing coach for 3 years, teaching sailing to juniors and adults. I remember driving home from BBYC after an awesome weekend coaching some really great people, and I said to myself “I wish I could do this full time” (my real job as a financial adviser wasn’t as fulfilling). The very next day I saw a full time coaching job advertised at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron – I ran the sailing school there for 6 years. That was a great experience but I’m now focusing on preparing people for boat ownership and domestic/overseas charters.

Where do you love about sailing?

Sailing has many personalities: racing is a fast, adrenaline fuelled workout, but cruising is the complete opposite – it’s relaxed, peaceful and regenerating. Strong winds are exhilarating, light winds are slow but become a mental challenge to keep the boat moving. Whatever the day brings, it can always be an awesome day on the water. Like most of my students, l learnt to sail as an adult – anyone can learn to sail and enjoy this amazing adventure.

between the Caribbean and mediteranean.